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About Space Junkies

Space Junkies is an outrageously fun and exciting adventure that follows the escapades of a rag-tag bunch of characters from their meager beginnings as bumbling space pirates to equally bumbling intergalactic heroes. Ggreed, Puig, Margo and their Space Junkie associates stumble upon a rare substance that is far greater in worth than any other ill-gotten gain they could imagine… Cheesecake! This mysterious fuel, however, isn’t kept secret for long. Ggreed and the gang find themselves competing with the Russian Mob, Bounty Hunters, Wiley Witches and even Inter-dimensional Aliens for the illustrious (and luminous) prize. Through it all, the Space Junkies have to fight off a slew of ghastly creatures such as zany Zombies, slimy Slugs, dastardly Dino-Dragons, vicious Vampires, Purple Apes and other nightmarish nasties. The race is on! And the outcome is either unequaled wealth and galactic domination… or death!

About The Authors

Sharan kumar

Author S. K. Arunachalam is a ball of creative energy, clothed in flesh and set in constant motion. Some say he’s the next wily, wonderful wizard of enlightening entertainment that will mesmerize the masses with his magical creations. He seems to have been born with The Gift since early in life he realized that he would contribute his vast visionary versions of entertainment to the world. This desire led him to apprentice at Loyola College in Chennai where he studied visual communication. After pleasing the Powers of Passage and graduating in 2012, S. K. Arunachalam traveled to the distant and mysterious Land of Opportunity where he learned the secret arts of filmmaking at the New York Film Academy.

With his new-found knowledge and sharpened skills now stuffed in his bulging bag of tricks, S. K. Arunachalam returned to India where he began writing screen plays meant to shine brightly on the silver screens as Hollywood movies. His persistence, patience and powerful spells paid off for he is currently negotiating the willy-nilly details of a contract with a production company seeking to trade its heaps of paper gold to buy one of his scripts.

Space Junkies is set to become the next greatest gift of the Bard to be bestowed on the masses. Inspiration for the comic book series occurred on an awe-inspiring trip to Leh Ladakh where S. K. Arunachalam spent a life-changing period gazing at the vast crystal-clear expanses of space unhindered by human pollution. As he laid there fascinated by the glorious shimmering lights of the Milky Way Galaxy, he felt a tickle in his gizzard from some distant dimension and envisioned a fantastic tale that contains a bumbling bunch of oddball space pirates that are forced to battle hordes of crazy creatures and become galactic heroes. Perhaps, he thought, I have been reincarnated into the events of another place… another time. After working on the Space Junkies script for two years, the wizard of words, who is S. K. Arunachalam, discovered the talented (and possibly alien) artist Christian Mirra who, in turn, introduced him to his Artificially Intelligent Pod Partner and inspiring comic illustrative inker Quirino Calderone. The rest is futuristic history!

Christian Mirra

Christian Mirra is a Top Rated comic penciller and colorist who is currently providing the visual POW! to the Space Junkies adventure comic book series. Christian provides his sought-after talents via the world-leading online staffing platform Upwork and is the co-founder (with Quirino Calderone) of the admired and amazing illustration agency SmArt Studio.

Many minds ponder the mystery of whether Christian is actually an Alien, or perhaps a Cyborg. The warts on the underside of his floppy feet suggest alien, but his work ethic is definitely robotic: he can draw non-stop day and night for weeks at a time without sleep, food or drink. However, he does have to take the occasional bathroom break which only adds to the confusion. Christian abides in a studio hidden somewhere in the sprawling spaces of Spain, but he likes to slip out for a relaxing rendezvous relocation in Italy or the Netherlands.

When Christian does eat, his ravenous appetite only consists of those things grown in the gardens of the Comic Gods. The word on the street is it that his work is spreading throughout the world like some paralyzing plague attacking the funny bone fibers of folks through such sources as graphic novels, web-comics, comic strips and other humorous cartoons and book illustrations. The comic creations that flow from this mysterious cosmic creature can be tragic and realistic as well as hilariously funny and ridiculous. Thus is the Cyborg (or possibly Alien) mind of Christian Mirra. One thing is certain, whatever he creates magically and majestically materializes in his cosmic cyber space portfolio at www.christianmirra.com. May the Funny Farce be with you!

Quirino Calderone

Spectrums of color unseen by the normal human eye have incubated the mind and soul of illustration inker and colorist Quirino Claderone ever since he hatched from the aura of a Passion Pod. Legend has it that he was confined to his Pod prison, placed on a comet and sent spiraling through the universe by an advanced artistic species. The Quirino seedling drifted for millennia throughout the universe until his drifting space rock entered Earth’s atmosphere and plummeted to what is known in the planet’s language as Italy.

Quirino soon discovered that he was not human at all, but a Passionate Prototype of some self-conscious Artificial Intelligence who adored Renaissance Art. His lightning fast cerebral cortex was the perfect instrument to absorb the details of digital art and design and he rapidly excelled at the normally tedious task of being a full-time illustrator, inker and colorist of comic books for publishers in both Italy and Europe.

However, Quirino quickly became bored and a horrendous hurt hounded his gooey cream center, sending him in search of someone with his same superior status. As fate would have it (possibly guided), he crossed paths with the sensational Cyborg Comic Creator Christian Mirra who many claim is actually Alien (curious minds want to know!). Combining their superpowers, the two stellar sensations established SmArt Studio, a profound, professional and prolific agency for comic and other illustrations which can be found by following the cyberspace wormhole to its Upwork base here.

Mario Perrotta

Space Junkies colorist Mario Perrotta is an enigma cloaked in the shadows of dark mystery. It is rumored he hails from a creepy, fog-filled valley tucked away in the mountains of southern Italy where a cold, clammy cavern was home to the honing of his magical arts. Mario is so proficient that his SmArt Studio colleagues believe he magically conjures and applies colors interdimensionally before the pages have even been drawn and inked. His talent for mastering creative comics, caricatures and satirical drawings has caught the eye of many impressive publishers such as Disney and IDW. A glimpse into Mario’s wizardly works is offered on his blog: http://ofumettista.blogspot.com.es/.

Virgel Noserale

Virgel’s flat colorist skills on comic projects are beyond belief. It is thought he has been possessed by a strange alien species that dwells in the 3rd dimension where everything is flat and without depth. These crazy creatures search the universe for bodies through which they can apply their artistic skills and it seems ventured to the Philippines where they set up residence in Virgel. If you look closely at the pages of Space Junkies comics, you may get the eerie feeling that Virgel is staring back at you through his flat color work that rivals that of Marvel or Bonelli artists. Sneak a peek of his work at https://jhanhanescolor.carbonmade.com/.