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Ggreed was a hefty figure, intimidating and tall with the beginnings of a middle-age spread and sparse close cut graying hair. He still retained his muscular form underneath the growing layer of flab and could still put up a good fight, but he tended to rely more heavily on his wits to make up for the limitations of his ever aging body. His planet was home to humanoid beings, of which he was one, taller, wiser, stronger, more evolved than the humanoids of earth, though similar in appearance. He thoroughly enjoyed his position as the Commander of a rag-tag group of underground wheelers and dealers who had acquired a decent reputation as Space Junkies


Margo was the youngest member of the Space Junkies, but brought a lot of value to the team. Margo was human, with bright green eyes, fiery red hair, and an equally fierce attitude. She was brave and strong for her size. She took chances thinking she had to make up for the fact that she was a girl. She was sexy, on any planet, and her skin-tight, black, one-piece suit only accentuated her sensual and curvy figure.


Puig was short and stocky in stature and constantly wore a space suit with a retractable helmet which made him appear more portly. Many of the beings who encountered Puig looked at him with curiosity and rarely took him seriously – it was always a mistake. He was strong and enjoyed the taste of flesh which meant those who failed to take him seriously often found themselves the entrée in his next meal. If Puig had a conscience, he rarely revealed it. Puig took lives for pleasure. If he had a weakness, it was that he turned a bright red color when upset.


Priest is a galactic minister that has spent the better part of his life tending to the flock living on destitute outer colonies. Although he takes his duty seriously, he’s always looking to gain an advantage and he’ll literally sell his neighbors kids to get what he wants. A bit on the girly side, Priest is quick to speak his mind. His beady eyes, bald head and incessant whining tend to make people edgy… like when they have a festering infected splinter shoved under their skin. Priest’s holier-than-thou attitude and overly gullible state end up placing him smack-dab in the middle of the Space Junkie adventures. However, despite all his shortcomings, Priest makes a delicious dinner guest!


Ggreed had recently met Luke at an illegal goods trade convention. The tall, slender, young man was half human and half something else. He was also unmissable with his brightly colored gaudy clothing which caused him to stand out among the crowd.


Sindy is as bodaciously beautiful as she is dashingly handsome. That’s because she… er, he… er, it… is an androgynous being that hails from the planet Nyssa. Although dark-skinned and strikingly easy on the eyes, Sindy is a bit lacking in the grey matter and is often mistaken for a blonde by those who only hear her speak.
It is widely suspected that she was an experiment-gone-wrong. Some among the Space Junkies even think that her gourd may have been drained and merged with Jisp by the mad scientists of Cephalo since the two have an uncanny connection between them.


Jisp is from Cephalo, a mostly aquatic planet where inhabitants grow gills, but can survive short times in oxygenated atmospheres. Although he appears more like a wobbling, witless walrus, Jisp is actually a brilliant scientist who specializes in bio-diversity. Because of his massive smarts, Jisp had to flee the jealous jellyfish and shameless sharks of his world, making him a fugitive who found solace and a certain acceptance with the Space Junkie crew. He is known to don a fake, blonde ponytail which, he thinks, makes him fit in with the human-like species. It is also a trait admired greatly by Space Junkie Sindy.


Grunk was dressed in a white suit and black tie. He had a broad upper torso and a super skinny waist and legs. He presented the crew with a long, expansive smile as if he were born to please others and which looked quite strange coming from his relatively thin head. His eyes were open in slits, but when he emphasized something, they became wide like sauce pans. When he became emotional, a fan of fleshy, red-orange membrane rose on his head like a cockscomb and his feet were that of a chicken.