Issue #5

Searching for Cheesecake

The Space Junkies awake early to find the mob of aliens had mysteriously vanished. Grunk seemed extra accommodating, supplying them with Hamster Balls to better traverse the harsh terrain of Planet Blue Cheesecake and directions to the Hypermarket where he said they could find supplies. Sensing a trap, Ggreed redirected the group on toward the mines and the Cheesecake fuel. They happened on a destroyed Mall and stopped for much needed supplies. However, it was infested with Zombies that devoured Priest! The mines were too far and the journey too dangerous for continuing in the Hamster Balls so the gang headed back to the Junk Jumper, but found it had been sabotaged with Slug Slime. They turned to their backup Hover Jet to make the journey. Arriving at the mines, the Space Junkies find a graveyard of trashed vehicles and decayed bodies. What had happened here?