Issue #6

Into the Mouth of the Beast

The Space Junkies continue their search for a very valuable fuel known on the galactic black market as Cheesecake. Thus far, they have beaten the odds to arrive at the mysterious caverns of devastated planet where the rare crystal rock is located. Danger lurks at every turn so Ggreed sends Puig and Margo on a mission to recover a crashed ship large enough to get them out in a hurry.

Meanwhile, Ggreed enters the caverns with Jisp and Sindy in search of the Cheesecake fuel. The corridors are a confusing maze of strange flora that appear innocent enough, but prove to be anything but. The gang receives assistance from an unlikely discovery that reveals the way to the galactic gold. However, will its grizzly guardians allow the heist? Find out for yourself in Issue 6!