Issue #7

Friend or Foe

The Space Junkies continue their quest to become the richest space pirates in the galaxy. Upon exiting the carnivorous caverns of Planet Blue Cheesecake with a bulging backpack of the coveted fuel, Ggreed, Jisp and Sindy find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place – actually, between a diabolical Dino-Dragon and a ravenous pack of raging, rotting zombies. Only a few clicks away, Puig and Margo find themselves fleeing a slew of slimy slugs with nothing but a crashed ship standing between them and certain death.

Just when all seems lost, a couple of unexpected miracles occur! The Space Junkies take advantage of their good fortune to make their escape, but would they outrun the blaster beams of the pursuing slugs and the ferocious fangs of the determined Dino-Dragon? Grab Issue 7 of Space Junkies now and be the first to know!